PictureFlower In Morning Light by Angela Holmes
People often ask me what inspires me. A lot of things inspire me. Nothing inspires me more than hiking in my local Alum Rock Park park or going to the ocean in Monterrey California  or Big Sur California . As a creative person I fee,l who better to be inspired by, than the original creator of heaven and earth. Even if you don't believe in him, you have to admit that galaxies and their awesome nebulae  are the most awesome things to behold.

The painting to my left is my most recent acrylic on canvas work titled "Flower in Morning Light". I imagined light hitting the top of the petals as if they were being kissed.I love viewing flowers in the morning. The dew  and the sunlight are magical. I guess you're saying it doesn't take much to entertain me. No it doesn't.

Unfortunately in Silicon Valley where I live, people seem so self centered now and don't take notice of the little things anymore. Does anyone else , like sunrises and angel clouds besides me?  That's why ,I  and others like me are here. We're here to remind you there is life beyond your cubicle and Starbucks and your 401K that is probably going to your nursing home so you won't even get to enjoy it or remember you have one.
Yep I am the queen of run on sentences. If I ever get a blog following  I will definitely need an editor. It amazes me that I  managed to write my book on inspirational care giving. SHAMELESS PLUG READ MY BOOK ON KINDLE HERE "Fruits of the Spirit for family Caregivers"

This book was inspired by my care giving blog on caregiving.com. If I had not had so many readers on their site that related to my experiences I would have never written that book. I had an editor at the time from the U.K. he was very kind to edit and format the book for me. Too bad I can't afford to have him edit this blog.

Out of care giving, I started painting to relieve stress. I have a Graphic Arts degree but that is so rigid and not freeing in a work environment sometimes. I am glad through trying to find an outlet for stress the creator guided me towards painting. I have a long story on how that happened and it may scare you non believers away. I'll share it one day and spring it on you. Until then thanks for reading thus far, as I  ramble on and should be in bed. Instead I am drinking pinot grigio and eating biscotti. White Wine and cookies  inspire me too. So if you want me to paint more often, feel free to send me wine and biscoti. Cheers!

PictureMy Acrylic Fingerprinting on Canvas.
I wouldn't call myself a fine artist. I have only had one painting class and that was required for my Graphic Design degree. I prefer loose
carefree painting. I lean towards mixed media and abstract art. I admire the more detailed artists but when I paint that just isn't me.

I really started getting back into painting after work last year,watching tutorials. I fell in love with Cinnamon the Art Sherpa. She actually has fun when painting and you feel relaxed and not judged.
I  was terrified of my art instructor in college. He was rigid and I think I had been to funerals that were more lively than his classes.

I always loved art and I am pretty proficient at Digital art. Most of the art on my website http://www.angelahholmes.com are either mixed media or digital paintings. The one above is for sale as a print, or even a shirt or Greeting card

Creating this finger painting was the most fun I've had creating on canvas. I intend to make many more in this style.

So if you have a desire to create keep trying until you find your niche. Don't let stuffy art teachers or art critics deter you. Painting is therapy for many. As long as you feel good while painting and you are happy with the result that is enough.

Happy creating!